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Natasha was friendly, professional and most importantly, skilled.  She was able to find and take care of all the troubled areas life has given me.  I left feeling competely rejuvenated, I highly reccommend this experience. It was worth every penny.

-Peter S

So, the rumors are true, Natasha is absolutely amazing.  I had a 91/2 hour drive from Virginia to Massachusetts, and she made my back and my shoulders and my whole entire body feel amazing. She was totally in tune with where I was tight and very receptive to my comments. -Jasmine M.

Recently, I have been seeing Natasha for 90 minute deep tissue massages every other month or so, and I think she is one of the best masseuses I have been to.  She always focuses on the problem areas, and even has me move around a little to ensure shes really working exactly where my pain is. -Caroline H.

Got a prenatal massage with Natasha over the weekend and it was fabulous. I like a fairly intense massage, (none of that swedish tickling stuff) and Natasha's pressure was perfect.  I like to do prenatal on my side, but not everyone works well that way.  Again, Natasha did great.  Super comfortable and relaxing.  -S.M.

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